Sunday, 5 February 2017

Oh sleep, why do you evade me so?

I’m tired!

Is there anything more seductive and inviting than a comfy mattress, a warm cozy blanket, air con on cooling the room down, a soft pillow………

I’m yawning just thinking about my bed. Sleep, I do miss you.

I knew tired once, that was before L arrived.

L has since introduced me to a whole new level of tired. L has changed my definition of tired.

First I knew newborn tired with O when I was violently awakened at random stages throughout the night for feeding, changing, burping and moments of I-just-want-to-be-held. O was a pretty good day sleeper so I was able to nap with O during the day to catch up on the much needed zzzzz's.

Newborn tired with L was an introduction to a whole new world. There were the periods during the night where he was awake for no apparent reason and these were very often. L would randomly cat nap for periods of no longer than 15 minutes throughout the day. I very quickly accepted my fate that napping with L during the day was not going to happen. Instead I would lie down for half an hour while O entertained L in his cot! I am sure that that was the start of the permanent bags beneath my eyes!

Then was toddler tired. O still napped during the day so we were all good, slightly tired but managing.

L on the other hand, he started to realise that he could do more things on his own. I realized OH CRAP L CAN START DOING MORE THINGS ON HIS OWN.

Child proof gate, allegedly, no problems as L could scale any child proof gate with ease. Cot, well he could scale the side to get out of it so he wasn't able to be contained in it for a half hour rest.

L still didn’t sleep through the night and he cut his day time naps down to 10 minutes. Oh double crap!!

Hooley dooley, I thought I was going to die!!

Then came Autism tired.

Does this kid ever stop? Apparently not!

When L is awake he needs company, not just because he wants cuddles and to climb all over you but also because he’ll try and find keys to open doors, he will rifle through drawers, he’ll empty kitchen cupboards, he’ll climb on anything, he wants to eat……..

Yes we do use Melatonin and other natural sleep remedies but the thing with melatonin is if L isn’t tired the melatonin doesn’t keep him asleep.

Oh man…….

I’m now a never ending tired that even copious amounts of coffee doesn’t make much difference. I can start yawning and day dreaming about my bed within minutes of hopping up for the day.

Autism tired is constant and never ending.

But an Autism journey is fabulous and I would not change a thing for the world. It is tiring so maybe I’ll just make a wish for more sleep!

But the fabulousness far outweighs the tiredness!!

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