Thursday, 1 September 2016

Angry Octopus review by Miss O

We've decided to get our little superheroes involved in the blog. Miss O struggles with anxiety and we've got a few books that seem to help. This is one of her favourites.

1. What is the title of the book?
Angry Octopus

2. Who is the author?
Lori Lite

3. What is the book about?
An octopus that had a lovely garden and then 3 lobsters ruined his garden and he got really angry and he couldn't control his feelings. A little mermaid helps him to calm down with breathing exercises.

4. Do you like this book? Why do you like this book?
Yes, because it helps me to calm down when I'm angry or sad. I like the stretches that the little mermaid tells the octopus to do and they help me relax.

5. Would you recommend this book to other kids and why would you recommend it?
Yes because I'm a nice girl and I think it would help my friends because it helps me. And because I like to help other kids if they're angry.

6. Out of 5 stars,  what do you rate this book?
5 stars!

From a parents perspective, this is a well written book that provides the reader with calming techniques to use, in the form of breathing exercises and stretches. Miss O will usually ask one of us to read it to her after she's had a meltdown. It does seem to work better when we read the book, as she can just lay down and concentrate on her breathing. 

And no, we aren't related to the author, nor do we receive anything for reviewing the book,  I just wanted to share a fantastic resource that we've found.

Happy reading!

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